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At ZMD Center for Face and Body Rejuvenation, with our location in Lutz, FL, Brian K. Zebrowski, MD FACS and his trained staff have been long standing members in the Tampa Bay community supporting our clients and patients with their medical needs.

Brian K. Zebrowski, MD FACS and his wife Amy founded ZMD Center with the passion to provide the highest quality aesthetic treatments and services within the comfort of a relaxing spa environment. At our practice, all patients are treated under the supervision of trained medical staff to ensure that your results match your passion to beauty.

Our mission is to help you become your personal best by offering the latest advances in anti-aging and preventative treatments to help you look and feel better. Services aim at treating sun damage, Melasma, excess pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, cellulite, fat reduction, veins, surgical scars, and acne scarring. All treatments are FDA approved & cleared and give you the best results without surgery possible.

At ZMD Center, our medical staff combines years of experience, extensive training and knowledge on our vast variety of services. We all will work diligently to ensure that each patient is able to achieve their desired goal with our state-of-the-art technology. Every patient is given the time and attention necessary to develop a unique treatment plan while building valuable relationship with our staff.

Through our dedication to patient care and comfort, we all pride ourselves in giving patients the maximized results while ensuring the utmost safety and comfort. We are happy to do everything within our ability to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable while you trust us with your medical aesthetic needs.

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Brian K. Zebrowski, MD FACS

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